Treatments and Results

vein treatments and results

Treatments and Results

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Our Board-Certified and Fellowship-Trained Vascular Specialists are dedicated to providing you with the latest technology and techniques for the safest and most current trends of vein and vascular care to best help you. Our premier outpatient vein evaluation and treatment center is designed with your comfort in mind. Our skilled team works with you to meet your specific needs and will develop a personalized plan of treatment that will get you back on your feet without the pain or discomfort brought about by damaged veins.

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Endovenous Laser Treatment

Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT)

Endovenous laser treatments are ablative and have become the mainstream approach for treating varicose veins. The technology may be radiofrequency wave ablation or laser ablation of different wavelengths. All of these ablative procedures are effective and safe. These are outpatient procedures that rival traditional varicose vein treatment. The success rate of these procedures is greater than 95% with significant patient satisfaction.



Varithena is a newer product used for ultrasound guided sclerotherapy. Varithena is a highly effective treatment for larger branch varicosities that cannot be treated with an ablative procedure. It is perfect for recurrent varicose veins after the patient has had an ablation or surgery. It is a foam sclerosant that it injected under ultrasound guidance.


Sclerotherapy Injections

Sclerotherapy is generally thought to be a cosmetic procedure for unsightly veins but is it commonly used in addition to the ablative procedures for smaller branch varicosities and spider veins that are associated with large varicose veins. Sclerotherapy is done with or without ultrasound guidance. It is done with a direct injection of the sclerosant treatment into the abnormal vein. The goal of sclerotherapy is to close the vein with a chemical reaction in the vessel to the treatment.

Traditional sclerotherapy can be modified for the medium sized veins when the chemical agent is agitated and made into a foam like substance. It can be done under ultrasound guidance similar to Varithena.

compression for vein treatment


Compression hose are not only a treatment to help us control the pressure that builds up in abnormal veins, they are also an essential part of post treatment care. Nobody likes them until they use them! Compression hose can provide relief from pain and swelling and encourage healthy blood flow throughout your legs.


vein treatment results - before and after

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